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Just Finished

My girls and I made these lap quilts for my mother and my aunt. We were a few months longer finishing them up but they are done and on their way now.

Mother's Red Work Lap Quilt

You can get the cat embroidery patterns over at Red Brolly.

Aunt Joyce's Sisters and Cats Lap Quilt

Now my daughter’s and I will be working on lap quilts for needy folks in our town.

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Rustic Trellis

My son and I built this trellis for our neighbor. It is made from scrap wood and left unpainted for a very rustic look. The instructions for the trellis were found in “The Garden Trellis” by Ferris Cook.

Garden Trellis

It will be supporting a honeysuckle vine.

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Reuseable Flatware Carrier

Not long ago I read a tutorial in the forum at the Down To Earth site for making a Flatware Carrier, you will have to join the forum for the tutorial, or do an on line search for Reusable Utensil Carrier. As you have noticed plastic forks, spoons and knives at Mall food courts and fast food restaurants leave much to be desired and the napkins are scratchy, to say the least and at many sit down restaurants the flatware is not always clean. The answer to these problems is to carry your own flatware and napkin with you when you are going to be eating out.

Here are pictures of the five flatware carriers that I made up today. I used scrap fabric, extra bits of ribbon to match napkins also made from fabric scraps.

Unrolled with napkin:

With flatware and napkin:

You are doing so much more than making your meal more enjoyable, you are cutting down on plastic trash that will be used once and tossed away, and you will know that your utensils are clean and safe for your use too. Just pop these in a purse or tote and you are ready to go but remember not to toss these way after your meal!

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Sewing Notion Doll

It is finished! I dug the doll out of the back of one of the cabinets in the living room and set my mind to finish it, it was already more than half done but I had lost interest in it for some reason. After a few hours of effort she is all done and ready to be sent out into the world. She will be gifted to a friends daughter who has expressed an interest in learning to sew.

Doll Front

Doll Back

Filled with sewing notions

With the temperatures being so low, it is a good time for me to finish off the projects that have been left undone over the summer months.

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White Lye Soap

When I was at my mother’s I snagged a cook book that belonged to one of my great aunts or possibly my Great-Grandmother. She had a recipe pinned, with a sewing pin no less, for “White Lye Soap” the soap made and used by homemakers back at the beginning of the 20th century for laundry and for dishes.

I gathered together the ingredient, and the courage, and mixed up a batch of soap a couple of days ago. Yesterday I cut the bars, but the directions had me leave it in the box for another day. This morning the soap came out of the box that I use for my mold and here it is.

White Lye Soap

It is really, really white, like Ivory. I hope it works well for doing the washing up. I can hardly wait to use it.

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Foot Bridge

After many years of wanting, we have built a foot bridge over an old irrigation ditch on our land. I have always liked the look of the ditch, and wanted to preserve it as much as possible, but it was bothersome getting a wagon or wheel barrow across. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were blessed with some lumber by a neighbor, we used part of it to build this foot bridge.

I had never built a foot bridge before, a little on line research, some effort to clean up the old lumber, an idea and drawing of what we wanted, behold, we have our bridge. There is a little landscaping to do on the approaches, tomorrow will be soon enough for that task.

Here are my son and I after the job was finished, both very, very happy with our little bridge.

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