Cucumber Supports

Built from scrap wood and chicken wire:

Cuke Support

Cuke Support

Cuke Support


Rustic Trellis

My son and I built this trellis for our neighbor. It is made from scrap wood and left unpainted for a very rustic look. The instructions for the trellis were found in “The Garden Trellis” by Ferris Cook.

Garden Trellis

It will be supporting a honeysuckle vine.

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Lovely, Glorious Rain

We had such a lovely rain last night.  I live in the desert now and have come to appreciate when we have a nice rain shower.  This morning the garden is so much improved from the overnight watering it recieved. I told my daughter that it seems like God has some sort of Miracle Grow in the rain He sends, because the plants respond so much better to rain than they do to the water hose.

Always looking forward, I am beginning to take notes on things to do in next years garden. I would forget my own name if I didn’t have it written down, note taking is something that I must do for almost everything.

Next year I will not plant so many squash plants, we have more than we are eating. I will also plant them where they are more easily tended. I put the near a fence this year, now I am having difficultly searching out squash bugs because I can’t get to the back side of the plants. Next year, they go out toward the middle of the garden.

The tomato plants are finally big enough to get some blossoms, but no tomatos yet. I started the seeds in the ground, it has been slow growing this year.  Next year I will try starting the tomato plants indoors, maybe I will get tomatos earlier.

Also, next year I will get some NoLo Grasshopper bait. NoLo bait works so well in controlling grasshoppers without poision. I have used it before but waited to late to use it this year. If I had taken notes and read them last year I would have remembered to get some bait!!

On a bad note, I got bitten by a harvest ant on my toe yesterday. How many ways can you say, "It hurts!" My foot is nicely swollen and itchy this morning. Robert says that I am allergic to the bites, I am beginning to think he might be right.

Hope you all have a perfectly, perfect day.

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Crochet/Sewing Project

Being a lover of all things froo-froo, I wanted to make myself some pretty undergarments. This is the first camisole that I have finished. The crochet pattern is from an on line pattern, you can find it here, Pattern Link. I used a size 30 crochet cotton, Clarks Big Ball Three Cord, 500 yard ball, with a size 12 hook.

Here is a closer look at the crochet work:

Why don’t you find something that you would like to make for yourself or a loved one and get started. It only takes love and imagination to make a dream come true.

Squirrels and other troubles

We have been over run by squirrels this summer. They are so cute, and destructive. We have set about trapping them and removing them to new locations.  After we trap them, we use a Hav-a-Hart live trap, we relocated them to a near by creek. Lots of water and trees for them to find shelter in and hopefully a new home.

The other troubles are squash bugs. I had always thought they were called "squash bugs" because they live on the squash plants, but now I believe it is because you have to squash them to get rid of them. Our morning garden ritual is something like this:

1. One of the kids waters the squash plant.

2. I stand at the ready, with my gloves on, wait for the bugs to come to the surface, they don’t like water.

3. When a bug is spotted, I grab and mash. EWWWWW YUCK.

It is the only way I can control them. As for the ones that manage to lay eggs, we search the leaves for eggs and smash or tear out the part of the leaf that has the eggs. The leaf goes into a zip lock bag to be disposed of. So far we have only seen a few nymphs on the plants and they are easy to, well, smash.

Otherwise, we have a nice garden this year. It is the first we have done in many years, there is lots of trial and error but we are learning and planning on having a better garden next summer.

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What a Busy Summer We are Having

The family and I have been working so hard on our garden this summer and we are beginning to see some successes. The summer squash are growing so fast, it is hard to keep up with them, and we have had some cukes and some spinach too. The squirrels are being just a little to helpful with their pruning. Squash Bugs and grasshoppers are also a problem this year, of course they are a problem every year.

Here are some pictues of my youngest daughter’s flower garden, with the bird bath we set up a few weeks ago. It amazes me how much the Morning Glory and the other flowers have grown since the first pictures were taken.

July 3, 2008

July 17, 2008

It is going to be so lovely when the Zinnia’s, Marigolds and the Four O’Clocks are blooming.