Vintage Greeting Cards

I found these in a local thrift store this last week, they are so beautiful. I miss sending and receiving these simple, sweet cards.

1965 Greeting Card Set

1967 Greeting Card Set

Boxed Greeting Card Sets

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Greeting Cards

  1. Oh! What a find they are Shari ! I just asked my daughters how many Christmas cards they received and the answer was ‘almost none’. I think that’s sad. Exchanging Christmas cards is such a lovely tradition, especially those sweet old-fashioned ones.

  2. Maggie, Thanks for stopping by, it is good to see you. I love sending and receiving cards in the mail. I don’t know if I will be sending any of these beauties out, they are just so beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday for 24th Shari! Sorry this is late. Seems I have lost your address. Please mail me if you can.

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