Sweet Potato Slips

Sweet Potato Slips


2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Slips

  1. Hi Shari, another simple way to grow slips is to lie the whole sweet potato on its side in a bucket of sand. Nestle it into the sand a bit so that the sand comes almost a quarter of the way up. Place bucket in a well-lit place and keep the sand slightly moist at all times. In about 4 weeks you will have loads of shoots growing on the sweet potato. You can carefully prise these off (I use a little knife) and plant them if they already have a few roots, or place them in water for a few days to grow roots before planting. (Any shoots you don’t want to plant make an attractive indoor plant kept in water).

  2. Thanks for the tip Maggie. This is the first time I have grown these and was very late getting them started at all. They have been moved to the garden now, we have 7 total. I will remember your instructions for next year when I am ready to start more.

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